The Westmount Academy

Bringing Quality Education For Youth At Your Doorstep

The Westmount Academy understands that providing students with a personalized experience to study at their pace and abilities can help them achieve their academic goals faster. As such, we strive to meet the needs of every student by offering them an online learning experience where they can work within an individualized academic plan designed around their goals. We stand along with students and parents throughout their journeys in helping them understand the learning experience, settle their concerns, and ensure success in their online school careers.

Our Values

Why Choose The Westmount Academy As Your Online School?

At the Westmount Academy, we are focused on cultivating outstanding self-paced learning that helps students develop flexibility in creating a rhythm that suits them. Besides upkeeping educational standards to compete with any first-class traditional American school, the Westmount Academy strives to help the young generation successfully achieve higher education. Here’s how we do that:

By enrolling at the Westmount Academy, you will not be deprived of on-campus shenanigans. We understand that interpersonal skills are equally important, which is why we have partnered facilities to support in-person activities for students.

Get yourself registered at the Westmount Academy to enjoy both traditional and online learning amenities that’ll help you grow into a goal-oriented individual who’s trained to meet challenging academic requirements and beyond.
• Online programs and degrees facilitate students to think critically, similar to how they are required to behave in the workplace. The Westmount Academy, having full faith in individualized learning disseminated by highly-skilled, trained professors, nurtures the vision to school a student body that has refined critical thinking skills by working with them through their curriculum. Our individualized learning plan, the one thing that truly sets us apart from other schools is to tailor a customized learning solution that not only engages the students but ensures their academic success.

• We operate from the United States and offer our services to students all over the world, no matter where they live. As long as they fulfill our competitive enrolment criteria, we welcome them with open arms into our school as it caters to ambitious students worldwide.

• This inclusivity gives the Westmount Academy an edge over traditional schooling systems. By bringing students from different cultures and nationalities on one page, we aim to develop cross-cultural understanding and foster a sense of global, broader perspective. We provide students with an enormous global network with which they can learn, broaden their minds, and develop important life skills that are crucial in preparing for their colleges.

• At the Westmount Academy, you are given full flexibility for scheduling classes and managing your timetable. Unlike traditional schooling that bounds students to the pre-set time, leaving little room for extracurricular activities, our school is established to unhinge that barrier. Now you can juggle both your academics and your life in an equal balance, learning and digesting knowledge from the interactive pre-recorded lectures. These lectures help us keep track of the student’s academic investment by allowing us to monitor where they are and how much more effort, they have to put in.

• We ensure complete support to the students by keeping track of their progress and ensuring the parents are kept informed. Leveraging digital communication tools, we issue a detailed monthly report of students to the personal contact information of the parents. This progress report gives new insights such as the exact time their child has spent on every class, how much effort he/she puts in, and what needs to be worked on most.
The progress reports generated every month will clearly indicate a lack of performance, on-track progress, as well as students who are ahead of their schedules. There is a section of “target completion” to indicate how far along in the course the student should be.

Why Us

What Makes The Westmount Academy Different?

The Westmount Academy, operative from the United States, offers accessibility to high-quality education for everyone across the globe.

We create a personalized experience

From the time you register with us, through your enrolment, and towards the end of the degree, the Westmount Academy provides one-on-one attention to every student. We believe that “customer service” is equally important in schooling. Our goal is to develop education as an individualized learning experience that is tailored to every student’s individual needs and academic goals.

We have an outstanding faculty

Online learning requires the teachers and the students to become familiar with digital learning materials, altered approaches to delivering lectures, and be prompt and detailed in their virtual interactions. Our outstanding faculty, comprising of top professors from American schools, are collectively trained and specialized to undertake online teaching roles. We have built a foolproof system where our school does not fall victim to the traditional errors arising from a “switch” to the online phase – the Westmount Academy is driven to create a seamless, better than conventional, learning experience that overcomes all obstacles.

Pre-recorded interactive lessons with student-focused attention

Beyond the zoom sessions and Google meet-ups, the Westmount Academy believes in providing students with interactive, pre-recorded lectures that have been filmed with industry standards, eliminating the room for errors or blunders that’s probable in impromptu discoursing. Our aim is to ensure the lectures that are delivered by the teachers and watched by the students are power-packed with knowledge, covering the entire curriculum gradually, and kept up-to-date with the changing technology and advancement. For that purpose, we have partnered up with one of the best curriculum providers that are aimed at empowering educators, ensuring academic integrity while being easy to use for teachers and students alike. The Westmount Academy wants you to gain education like you mean it. By being flexible in course selection and course pacing, students are ensured high-quality education with student-focused attention from a rigorous, research-based curriculum. At the academy, student progress is monitored step-by-step to ensure a successful school career where knowledge is learned genuinely. If you struggle with concept mastery, credit recovery, or even basic concepts, we’ve got you covered.
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Available Courses

We take pride in offering more than 100 courses in various domains, all carefully designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and taught deploying the best teaching practices.
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Years of Experience

Our founders and administration team hold an extensive experience of over 15 years serving the education sector, striving to invest in future generations in the hope for a better tomorrow.